Welcome to the Instituto Pequenos Grandes Guerreiros website!

We are based in Sao Paulo, Brazil and in our language, Portuguese, “Pequenos Grandes Guerreiros” mean great little warriors.

If you came across our page you were probably searching for the words NECROTISING ENTEROLITIS or NEC. We know that because we were once, not long ago, in your situation. Searching for information on this disease and finding only hard-to-understand, technical stuff. The disease that our beloved great little warrior Tom developed at three weeks old was a mystery.

Since most people (so far, because we want to change this) have never heard about NEC until they have, or know of, a baby affected by this treacherous disease, we can only assume that you have, or know, a great little warrior yourself. In this page you will find information about the disease, reports from families affected by it and other useful links.

You are not alone.

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