“Antonio was born on the 10th July 2015, after 32 weeks and weighing 1210kg. He arrived vigorously with a lust for life. He was doing well in the NICU, breastfeeding and gaining weight. However, all changed on the 25th day after his birth. Tom was affected by a disease called ‘Necrotising Enterocolitis”. Its devastated his intestines. Tom had over six surgeries and, as a result, acquired Short Gut Syndrome. His bowel was only 9cm long. All his nutrition was administered through his veins.

Antonio showed us several times that he came to the world to teach and to bring people together. He was the greatest warrior we ever met, winning a battle every single day if his life. Before him, we had never heard of necrotising enterocolitis – one of the highest causes of NICU mortality. A mystery.

Antonio left us on the 21st May 2016, at 10 months and 11 days. In his memory and with him as inspiration we want to help others facing the same disease. Antonio, who was less than a year old, showed the world what he came here for.”
Bia Rosito, Tom’s loving mum and PGG’s advisor and co-founder.

Tom’s Blog

While Tom was in hospital, his mum Bia wrote a blog. This blog’s name inspired PGG’s naming. Bia tells the story of Tom and his twin, Daniel, in details. From the decision to have a baby, conception, discovery, the birth, everything. It is a very touching story who touched the lives of many people, bringing a lot of support to our cause. The blog is in Portuguese.
Pequeno Grande Guerreiro


Tom was always smiling and that is one of the main lessons he taught us. If he, who had never left hospital, was always smiling, who are we to be crying?


Tom brought a present with him to this world, his twin brother Daniel, our ray of sunshine. Tom was dark, Dani is blonde. Dani is also a little warrior. Every sibling of a baby affected by NEC is a warrior, as it means a drastic change to routine. Our Dani started his life in a very different way to other healthy babies, with a lot of time spent away from home and countless visits to hospital to play with his twin. Tom is now Dani’s angel.


Tom never left hospital. Some people find that quite surprising given how Tom is always smiling and looking pretty healthy in most photos. Tom’s hospital room was a very happy place, almost like a party, always full of people, happiness, sweets and candies, music and balloons. Tom loved balloons, especially red balloons. Tom showed us that hospitals don’t need to be sad places and that a sick, hospitalised, baby is not necessarily a sad baby. On the contrary, despite the pain and the treatment, Tom was very happy, he had an amazing energy, a contagious vibe that touched all who came into contact with him.


Tom loved balloons, especially red balloons! He liked to watch Lottie Dottie Chicken and the Indian opening theme of a local soap opera. He was supported Sao Paulo football club, under the influence of his Grandpa. He liked also to listen to the opening tune of a local TV program, when people around him would sing his name rather than the host’s name. Tom would smile, shake his little body and then laugh out loud!


In this video, Bia tells Brazilian presenter Mariana Kupfer about Tom’s life, since his pregnancy and finding out that she was expecting not just one but two boys until after his passing. Bia and Nathalie find that talking about Tom is part of their grieving process and that they will always carry his memory forever. Bia will, in fact, carry his name forever, given how she has the words Viva o Tom tattooed on her arm.

“Geladeiroteca” Viva o Tom

A geladeiroteca “Viva o Tom” é, antes de mais nada, uma manifestação de puro amor. É uma iniciativa de uma pessoa apaixonada pelo Tom para celebrar sua vida e ao mesmo tempo divulgar o trabalho do Instituto Pequenos Grandes Guerreiros. Continue reading ““Geladeiroteca” Viva o Tom”