Instituto PGG was formally established on the 9th March 2016 by a multitalented, multidisciplinary team. Instituto PGG puts empathy together with knowledge so that information can be made available to parents and family members of babies affected by necrotising enterocolitis as well as encouraging and fomenting the creation of a support network.

We are based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and have a national presence as well as international partnerships. We believe that the war against NEC is a global one and therefore requires the largest possible army, which is why we invest on international partnerships so that the communication flow on the best practices for NEC prevention, diagnosis and treatment can be maximised.

Our site aims to serve family members, psychologists and health professionals, with no geographic distinction. We encourage the information flow on NEC which is why we facilitate contact between:
– Family members and other family members
– Experienced psychologists with psychologists who want to understand better how to deal with those touched by NEC
– Family members and free, specialised psychologists who offer assistance (restricted at the moment to the City of Sao Paulo) on the challenges brought by having a baby affected by NEC
– Experienced health professionals with other health professionals interested in learning more about the disease.

The Brazilian Health Ministry does not allow for patient-doctor consultation via Telemedicine, so no individual medical advice is offered.

Mission: to offer psychological assistance to families of babies affected by NEC, to collect statistics on the disease in Brazil, to foment research and to raise awareness.

Vision: to enable intestinal and multivisceral transplants to be successfully performed in Brazil as well as supporting the implementation of best practices in intestinal rehabilitation.

Human milk is the only proved effective way of preventing NEC.

Health Professionals:
Attention to any feeding intolerance presented by new-borns. IT could be an early sign of NEC, especially if the baby is premature.

How can you help?

The best way to help us now is to spread the word about our existence and also alert parents-to-be, especially those potentially at risk of having a premature baby, about the existence of NEC.

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