There are several ways to help us if you empathise with our cause.

You can be a PGG ambassador, letting all your friends, family, workmates, neighbours and acquaintances know that we exist. Instituto Pequenos Grandes Guerreiros was created by people who had a first hand experience with NEC: an affected baby in the family. Our personal mission is for people to find out that NEC exists in a different way we did, without having to go through the painful, scary, uncertain and frightening situation of having a little family member affected by it.

Why are there so many campaigns raising awareness of infant mortality causes such as asphyxiation and car accidents but we hear nothing, nothing at all about NEC? Why is it that most people who have heard of NEC have head so because of a personal experience? We want to change this, we want to let everybody know that NEC exists and you can help us do that. You can spread the word that PGG exists so that we can reach those who need us. You can let all parents-to-be that you know, especially those at risk of a premature birth, that we exist and that NEC exists. This way, people will know that human milk is the best way to prevent the disease and that a lethargic baby, especially if premature, who refuses food should not be fed formula, and deserves extra attention.

Together we can make a difference, we can save lives.