17 November 2020

11pm to 1pm PST / 3pm to 5pm EST / 8pm to 10pm GMT

Isabella Fiorentino welcomes our amazing community to presentations and talks by Jennifer Canvasser, Walusa Assad Ferri, Jae Kim, Steven McElroy, Maria Fernanda Camargo, Jocemara Gurmini e Linseigh Green. Hosted by Simone Rosito. SIMULTANEOUS TRANSLATION.

1pm to 2pm PST / 5pm to 6pm EST / 1opm to 11pm GMT:

Zoom room for families and survivors: Denise Suguitani and Hortensia Rosito host families of babies affected by NEC and short bowel syndrome children, grieving families, and adult survivors for a virtual coffee break to strengthen our community ties. Simultaneous translations available.

Zoom room for health professionals: Dr Walusa Assad Ferri will host a virtual coffee break for health professionals to network, exchange information and contact details.