We are a young Brazilian-based non-profit organization which has already achieved a lot! Because we are young we cannot yet access government financing and count solely on the help of our supporters to survive.

This is why we need you…

Your donation will help us:

– Offer free and specialised psychological assistance to families of babies affected by NEC;
– Continue mapping out NEC incidence throughout Brazil;
– Expand our geographic area of action;
– Expand our network and therefore the incidence mapping out project;
– Raise awareness of the disease;
– Participate in global initiatives to foster prevention and better treatment for NEC.

Your donation enables us to SURVIVE!

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We welcome contributions in any currency! It will be an honour to have you on board as a supporter and we are committed to the highest standards of accountability and transparency. We need you and we appreciate that you are joining us in our fight against NEC.

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